Produced & Arranged by Denis King

Lead vocals Elaine Delmar and Denis King

Recorded 23 February - 4 March 1985 Audio International Studios, London for FRITUNA PRODUKTION AB; Engineer, Richard Millard; Mastered at CBS Studios, London

  • I REMEMBER YOU (V. Schertzinger - J. Mercer) Chappell & Co Ltd.
  • THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (D. King - S. Colin) Frituna Prod AB
  • VARAT GANG (Jokern-Paddock) AB Carl Gerhmans Musikforlag
  • LOVE’S BACK IN STYLE (D. King - M. Rudge) Frituna Prod. AB
  • PENNSYLVANIA 6 5000 (C. Sigman - J. Gray) Robbins Music Corp
  • WHO WOULD HAVE DREAMED (D. King - B. Green) Frituna Prod
  • STILL WATERS (Denis King) Frituna Prod
  • IT HAD TO BE YOU (I. Jones - G. Kahn) F. D. 11/EMI Music
  • ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (J. McHugh - D. Fields) L. Wright Music Co. Ltd.
  • RAKNA DE LYCKLIGA STUDERNA BLOTT (J. Sylvan - K. Ewern) Edition Sylvan AB
  • WHO ARE YOU, I LOVE YOU (D. King - B. Solly) Frituna Prod
  • YOU’LL NEVER KNOW (H. Warren - M. Gordon) Bregman Vocco & Cann Ltd.
  • HOW DO YOU DO, MR SWING (Jokern - Paddock) Sonora Musikforlags AB
  • LOVE LEFT OVER (D. King - J. Junkin) Frituna Prod
  • STOCKHOLM SERENADE (Denis King) Frituna Prod
  • I’LL GET BY (F. Ahlert - R. Turk) FD11/EMI Music/Redwood Music/Memory Lane Music
Fact of the Day
The King Brothers were the first performers to sing "Rock Around The Clock" on British television.
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