Hello Cheeky


With Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, John Junkin and Denis King

All compositions by John Junkin and Denis King except *by Barry Cryer and Denis King; published by Essex International.

Produced and arranged by Denis King for Hollycroft Productions 1976, for EMI Records LTD.

“Although they don’t need a plug as they are so terribly terribly famous I must put my ten cents in. Within the confines of the sleeve of this thing you are holding, you will find a unique set of gentlemen who paraded under the guise of humans on the BBC Radio show “Hello Cheeky”, now a TV series for Yorkshire Television.

Many’s the time whilst listening to them doing their bit on the car wireless, I have careered across the motorway scattering traffic in all directions and ending up in a ditch in fits of laughter. Their unique random style of wit is now captured forever on this LP. Listen, learn, and eat.

There may be some twisted fools around who won’t like this LP and in the interests of the EMI Record Company, they are now being hunted, rounded up and herded into camps where white hot irons will be shoved where no hand has dared set foot. And so, dear gramaphone freaks, thrill away to such gems as “Edith Cosgrove”, “Moon Over Romford”, and “Carrots For My Lady” as your heart does a tango and your Dansette squirms in agony as you consider that maybe the white hot irons aren’t such a bad idea after all.”
Kenny Everett (sleeve notes)

Side One

Side Two

Fact of the Day
As a young King brother touring the country in Variety, Denis, over a period of two years, attended more than 20 different schools.
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