Produced & Arranged by Denis King

Lead vocals Elaine Delmar and Denis King

Recorded 23 February - 4 March 1985 Audio International Studios, London for FRITUNA PRODUKTION AB; Engineer, Richard Millard; Mastered at CBS Studios, London

  • I REMEMBER YOU (V. Schertzinger - J. Mercer) Chappell & Co Ltd.
  • THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (D. King - S. Colin) Frituna Prod AB
  • VARAT GANG (Jokern-Paddock) AB Carl Gerhmans Musikforlag
  • LOVE’S BACK IN STYLE (D. King - M. Rudge) Frituna Prod. AB
  • PENNSYLVANIA 6 5000 (C. Sigman - J. Gray) Robbins Music Corp
  • WHO WOULD HAVE DREAMED (D. King - B. Green) Frituna Prod
  • STILL WATERS (Denis King) Frituna Prod
  • IT HAD TO BE YOU (I. Jones - G. Kahn) F. D. 11/EMI Music
  • ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (J. McHugh - D. Fields) L. Wright Music Co. Ltd.
  • RAKNA DE LYCKLIGA STUDERNA BLOTT (J. Sylvan - K. Ewern) Edition Sylvan AB
  • WHO ARE YOU, I LOVE YOU (D. King - B. Solly) Frituna Prod
  • YOU’LL NEVER KNOW (H. Warren - M. Gordon) Bregman Vocco & Cann Ltd.
  • HOW DO YOU DO, MR SWING (Jokern - Paddock) Sonora Musikforlags AB
  • LOVE LEFT OVER (D. King - J. Junkin) Frituna Prod
  • STOCKHOLM SERENADE (Denis King) Frituna Prod
  • I’LL GET BY (F. Ahlert - R. Turk) FD11/EMI Music/Redwood Music/Memory Lane Music

Key Changes

Love Is In The Room

Black Beauty

Fact of the Day

In 1968, The King Bros turned down a song written by a relatively unknown Elton John (Reg Dwight) and Bernie Taupin called "I Can't Go On (Living Without You)", sung and played by Elton, and Denis wishes to God he still had the demo tape.

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